Chauvet Professional EPIX StripTour

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Épix Strip Tour is a pixel-mapping 1-meter LED strip, featuring 50 LEDs in a row and a 125-degree viewing angle. Power and control it through the Épix Drive 900 on Art-Net, Kling-Net, or sACN (streaming ACN). For added versatility and more creative options, a dome accessory is available to widen the viewing angle to up to 180 degrees.

  • Pixel-mapping 1-meter 50 x 1 LED strip for showing video and/or motion graphics

  • Includes both black stealth filter (installed) for high contrast and white frosted filter (included) for high output

  • Versatile control options include Art-Net, Kling-Net, and sACN (streaming ACN) to support the touring, rental, and installation markets

  • Increase viewing angle by using the optional dome accessory

  • ÉPIX Drive 900 required for operation