Chauvet Professional EPIX Drive 900

Brand: Chauvet Professional

Product Code: EPIXDRIVE900

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Épix Drive 900 hosts the processing and power supply for the Épix Tour system. It supports either18 Épix Strip Tours or 6 Épix Bar Tours, or any combination of the two, with a total capacity of 900 LEDs. Épix Drive 900 supports Art-Net, Kling-Net, and sACN, giving you a variety of control options . Thanks to an integrated web server, you can remotely diagnose, troubleshoot, and change settings as needed without having to directly access the Épix lights.

  • The processing and power center of the Epix Tour system will drive any combination of Epix Tour products, up to 900 LEDs

  • Versatile control options include Art-Net, Kling-Net, and sACN (streaming ACN) to support the touring/rental/installation markets

  • Quickly and easily configure the Epix Drive 900 using the built-in OLED display

  • Easily detect and automatically configure your devices using the auto-address function, regardless of fixture order or type (bar/strip)

  • Supports up to 18 Epix Strip Tours or 6 Epix Bar Tours

  • Easily daisy chain fixtures directly from the single output of the Drive 900 on a single cable

  • Advanced power management design allows you to position the Drive 900 up to 65 ft away from your last fixture (using shielded cable)

  • Works with Arkaos Media Master Express for a plug-n-play system that requires almost no training to operate