Chauvet Professional PVP X6 IP, SMD LED Video Panel 8-Pack

Brand: Chauvet Professional

Product Code: PVPX6IPX8

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PVP X6IP is an IP65 outdoor-rated video panel with brilliant SMD 2623 LEDs and a pixel pitch of 6.9 mm. With 4,500 NITS, video images stand out even in broad daylight. Flexibility of use is optimized by an advanced die-cast aluminum housing, magnetic modules for quick serviceability, and a blow-through design that has an 8% transparency to increase safety in outdoor applications. The innovative design includes sealable louvers that can be shut to block back light when used indoors.

  • 6.9 mm pixel pitch modular video panel with SMD 2623 LEDs
  • Stainless steel hardware is integrated into each panel for secure interlocking between panels
  • Solid aluminum die-cast construction makes these panels durable for the touring/rental market
  • Magnetic LED modules make replacing them fast and painless in the field or on the repair bench
  • Tri-color (RGB), full black body LEDs provide the highest in class contrast and black levels
  • Computer guided CNC cutting provides ultimate precision for seamless modular connections
  • Works with VIP Driver and VIP Signal Distributor
  • Use with the X-series Rig Bar to hang the panels, or with the M12 mounting points on the back of each panel
  • IP65 for temporary outdoor/wet use