Chauvet Professional Ovation MIN-E-10CWZ

Brand: Chauvet Professional

Product Code: OMINE10CWZ

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Ovation Min-E-10CW complements Ovation Min-E-10WW in a cool white LED version with zooming optics. This ultra-discreet ellipsoidal is perfect for punchy gobo projections in a multitude of applications. It features a four-blade shutter system to efficiently and cleanly crop light from unwanted areas with nice crisp edges. The 19° to 36° zooming optic provides the flexibility to precisely adjust your projection size. Ovation Min-E-10CW is easily dimmed using traditional dimmer packs.

  • Compact LED ellipsoidal shines a hard-edged beam perfect for gobo projection

  • Fade the LED by connecting to a dimmable circuit

  • Highlight areas by altering the projected beam with framing shutters

  • Easily print your own gobos on transparency film or use standard size E glass or metal gobos

  • Zooming optics provides a beam angle from 19° to 36°