Chauvet Professional Nexus Aq 5x5 - 5 Pack

Brand: Chauvet Professional

Product Code: NEXUSAQ5X5PACK

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Nexus Aq 5×5 is a pixel mapping panel with 25 RGBW quad-LEDs producing tight beams of beautifully colored light. Versatile, it works wonders as a color wash, audience blinder or stunning pixel mapped display. Kling-Net, Art-Net and DMX controllable, it features a Virtual Gobo Wheel to create unique scenes by modifying channels and an Auto Color function that blends white and RGB LED values for unrivaled color mixing (in channels 3, 15, 75, 111). Designed for easy rigging with interlocking hardware, the panels lend themselves to building large arrays that stand out in any application. Rigging is fast and easy with integrated alignment and load-rated interlocking hardware. Use of the optional Affinity Rig Kit further facilitates large displays.

  • Stage blinder delivering great output due to 25 RGBW LEDs

  • Project narrow beams of light

  • Create impactful text and vivid animated graphics

  • Smooth dimming curve

  • Built-in power supply for easy use

  • Design with intuitive individual pixel-mapping options: Kling-Net, Art-Net, DMX

  • Flexible panel system with integrated locks and 0.5 x 0.5 m footprint optimal for larger arrays

  • Use universal power connectors: Neutrik powerCON, Neutrik etherCON, 3- and 5-pin XLR DMX connections

  • Built-in effects triggered by DMX

  • HSV, HSI, DMX control options